For The Love Of Peonies, And A Father’s Legacy

For the Countryman family in Northfield, one peony, given as a gift 20 years ago, started a love affair that turned their farm into a destination for visitors from around the world. Now, the challenge of keeping up the fields of peonies, and the family’s legacy, has fallen to one man.

Allergy-Free Gardening

Why are more and more people suffering from allergies? Charlie Nardozzi says there’s more pollen in the air than ever before. This week on the Vermont Garden Journal, he’ll explain why that is and what you can do about it.

Spring Garden Advice

Garlic scapes are sprouting through the soil, bright yellow daffodils have popped open in the sunshine, and lilac buds are growing fuller. It’s time for Vermont Edition’s spring dose of advice from gardening wizard Charlie Nardozzi.