Generation Gap, Part 4

In part four of our our series Generation Gap, VPR’s Fran Stoddard looks at what engages the generation known as Millennials to stay in or return to Vermont.

Generation Gap, Part 3

The percentage of young adult Vermonters continues to decline even as the state searches for ways to keep this vital slice of the population here. The ability to find affordable housing and to manage their debt often influences these young people’s decisions whether to stay, or not to stay, in Vermont.

Generation Gap, Part 2

Vermont’s economic future depends heavily on having a population of young people ready to fill jobs and launch vibrant companies. Today in our series on the generation gap, we look at the challenges young people face making ends meet with limited jobs, low pay, and a high cost of living.

Generation Gap, Part 1

Many students in Vermont seem to be more interested in experience, doing good and making things better than they are in making money when it comes to their professional career.