Vermont’s First Female Governor Honored

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the election of Vermont’s first female governor, Madeleine Kunin gave a speech at UVM in honor of the event.  Here is an excerpt from the speech.

Product Stewardship: How To Create Less Trash

We tackle the question of what role manufacturers, consumers and government should play in reducing the amount of trash we create when we throw out packaging or old products. Also, a proposed Rail Spur in Middlebury would accommodate the OMYA Corporation’s freight needs. And, celebrating the election of Madeleine Kunin 25 years ago.

Kunin To Receive Prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Award

This weekend, former governor Madeleine Kunin will be receiving the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal. The award is given every year to those who’ve lived by values that were heralded by the former first lady – among them, social justice, and racial and gender equality.