Indoor Gardening

When the grey clouds are looming and icicles hang down from the eaves, it’s nice to have a green plant on your windowsill. We’ll learn how to grow salad greens indoors, and how to keep your potted plants thriving.

Already February, And Still Waiting For Winter

While the temperatures and overall snowfall totals aren’t record breaking, many local businesses and snow sport enthusiasts are struggling this winter. The fluctuating temperatures and lack of snow are affecting everything from winter sports and local businesses to birds and plants.

Spring Garden Advice

Garlic scapes are sprouting through the soil, bright yellow daffodils have popped open in the sunshine, and lilac buds are growing fuller. It’s time for Vermont Edition’s spring dose of advice from gardening wizard Charlie Nardozzi.

Midday Newscast: August 20, 2008

Study says new electric power plants could make sense for Vermont’s largest utilities; Dramatic increase in the number of calls to The Women’s Rape Crisis Center in Burlington; The New York State Senate back in session to vote on spending cuts; Vermonter Andrew Wheating’s Olympic drive is over.