Seamans: Mean jeans

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(HOST) Commentator Bill Seamans has been thinking about what happens when politics and fashion collide.

(SEAMANS) The Mean Machine battle involving political opponents firing toxic rhetorical rockets at each other finally has gone too far – so far that it has pushed this observer to the edge of the abyss – so far, in fact, that he is driven to uttering a RANT.  

Liberals lately have concentrated their heavy fire on Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions and other would-be Republican leaders – and Conservatives aim at Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and relentlessly on President Barack Obama.  The apolitical Mean Machine calls Palin a reckless inciter of violence, Gingrich an intellectualized bloviator and it let Jeff Sessions undo himself as he did at the Sotomayor hearings. The Mean Machine advises Pelosi to park her broom before entering congress, that Reid should say SOMETHING, and as for Obama – as I said – we have reached the abyss because the Conservative cohort has finally hit Obama where it hurts us all – Democrat, Republican, and any variety thereof. 

Over the weekend, the Mean Machine took aim at one of the most cherished personal possessions of all Americans – something that touches just about everybody. They now are criticizing President Barack Obama’s bluejeans! Yes – his jeans!   This rumble was set off when Obama bounced his ceremonial pitch at the All Star Game. Right-wing fans were heard to say, "Well, what did you expect from a left-handed liberal intent on ruining the country – and did you notice those droopy jeans?"
Well, while clad in my ancient denim livery, I noticed that Obama’s jeans had even reached the scrutiny of the pundits – an analysis, yes, an analysis of what was called the President’s Denim Dilemma emerged recently in the Washington Post.  It said that Obama’s jeans seemed to have only a passing acquaintance with his body.  Were they too short? – you could see his white sox while he was standing still.  Too baggy? – maybe they were the "relaxed fit?"  And horrors! – were they creased and stone washed – not worn by age? 

Critics charged Obama had contradicted his march into the future because – they said – his "sad-sack grandpa jeans were off message."   Obama answered that as for tight jeans, "I’m not the guy."  Veteran jeaners, like myself, say it’s not what they look like, but what they feel like.  And just think of the inherent subversive threat – if they can attack the nation’s First Jeans, what can they do to yours?

Mercifully, the Mean Machine assault on Barack’s denim has been diverted at least for now – by the dubious results of the White House beer for racial peace party – perhaps it would have worked out better had the imbibers worn jeans.

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