Fewer Snow Geese In Addison Not Cause For Concern

In the 1990s as many as 50,000 snow geese would come down in the fields around the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area each fall. But these days there are far fewer geese taking a break in Vermont. But the dwindling numbers don’t mean the birds are in trouble.

The Birds Are Back In Town

The return of robins, phoebes and red winged blackbirds is a sure sign of spring. Making it time for our annual spring bird show. Self-proclaimed "bird diva" Bridget Butler discusses bird behavior, spring migration patterns and tips on birding.

Fall Migration Bird Show

The weather’s getting colder and the leaves are falling: time for the fall bird show! Naturalist and self-described "bird diva" Bridget Butler answers questions from listeners about all things bird-related.

Spring Migration Bird Show

"Bird Diva" Bridget Butler answers your questions about bird behavior and when we can expect to see specific species returning to our region. Also, the crime novels of Archer Mayor, recreated as audio plays.

Fall bird migration

"Bird Diva" Bridget Butler talks all things ornithological on Vermont Edition’s fall bird show. Also, winter weather predictions from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.