Delegation Praises Obama Plan, Doubts Its Passage

All three members of Vermont’s Congressional delegation say President Obama’s plan to reduce the federal deficit by $3 trillion over the next 10 years is a balanced approach to deal with a serious fiscal issue. But they question if it has a chance of being passed by Congress.

Leahy Calls For War Tax

Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on members of the Congressional debt reduction super committee to include a war tax to pay for U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan in their final package. Leahy says the wars were never paid for and have cost the American people several trillions in additional debt.

Howard Dean Weighs In On Debt Ceiling Debate

Former Governor Howard Dean is endorsing President Obama’s efforts to reach a compromise budget deficit plan. He says Republican leaders need to support higher taxes on the wealthy and Democrats need to accept some cuts in entitlement programs.

Tax Surcharge Plan Stirs Policy Debate

A new report says Vermont could eliminate a good part of its budget deficit by imposing a temporary income tax surcharge on very wealthy people. Some lawmakers think the plan makes a lot of sense but Governor Peter Shumlin is opposed to the idea.