All The Traditions: Champlain 400 Music Showcase

Celebrate the 400-year wealth of music from the Lake Champlain region with guests including Vermont songcatcher Deb Flanders, French-Canadian fiddler Lisa Ornstein and guitarist Andre Marchand, and singer/songwriter/farmer Alan Greenleaf.

Filmmaker kicks off Quad festivities

Celebrations for America’s Independence today are intermingled with international festivities under way in Vermont’s largest city. Vermont filmmaker Jay Craven says the events commemorating the arrival of Samuel de Champlain 400 years ago offer an opportunity to creatively examine the history and culture that shaped the Champlain Valley we know it today.

Stories From The Lake: Appreciation

After tourism and recreation became firmly established in the region, a new appreciation grew for Lake Champlain’s beauty and natural resources. Today, we explore how people are honoring the lake’s heritage and preserving it for future generations.