Summertime snack bar ready for business

Joe’s Snack Bar, which sits on the sharp curve on Route 15 in Jericho is a sumertime food landmark. It has been in that "can’t miss" location since 1950. Owner Joe Rotunda and his long-time partner, Marilyn Kozlowski have been busy in the past week buying supplies and preparing food. VPR’s Sarah Ashworth stopped by to see how the set up was going.

Same-sex marriage and civil unions

A new commission has released a report that studies whether equality has been achieved between marriage and civil unions. The commission chair explains the findings, recommendations and next steps for the legal status of same-sex couples in Vermont. Also, President Jack Neuhauser of Saint Michael’s College on the pope’s message to Catholic educators, and summer snack shacks and creemee stands re-open for the season.