State looks at expanding lottery

Managers of the multi-state lottery games Powerball and Mega Millions are asking states to participate in both games, rather than just one. As VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports, the Vermont Lottery Commission will take up the question next week.

Symington says plan to lease lottery is dead

House Speaker Gaye Symington says Governor Jim Douglas’s plan to lease the state lottery is dead. Symington says she opposes the plan because she feels it’s a mistake for the state to rely more heavily on gambling revenue.

Plan to lease lottery lacks support in Vt Senate

The Vermont Senate has sent a clear message to the Douglas Administration: any plan to lease the state lottery to a private company must be approved by the Legislature. Supporters of the bill say it’s also evident that most lawmakers oppose the leasing approach.

Lawmakers debate plan to lease state lottery

Some lawmakers are hoping that the Legislature will take a serious look at Governor Douglas’s plan to lease the state lottery. They say it would provide new money to help balance the state budget. But opponents argue that relying on more gambling revenue is a bad idea.