Repeat DUI offender to change plea

A man accused of killing a teenager in a drunken driving crash will be back in court today, this time to changed his plea to charges stemming from a crash last November that killed a teenager from West Swanton.

Key committee chairman mulls lowering limit for DUI

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Vermont House says he’d like lawmakers to consider lowering the threshold at which a driver is drunk behind the wheel from a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent to a lowest-in-the-nation .05.  

Family of teenager killed in drunken-driving crash want DUI penalties stiffened

Several hundred people traveled to the Statehouse yesterday and asked lawmakers to crack down on repeat drunk drivers. The group was motivated by the death of a Swanton teenager last November. The student was killed by a car that was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 89. The driver was a repeat DUI offender, and he’s been charged with being drunk in this case.