VT Edition: Peter Galbraith

Former ambassador Peter Galbraith discusses the risks of what he calls "group think" in diplomatic circles. That is, the lack of tolerance for dissenting viewpoints in how to handle difficult foreign policy questions.

UN envoy Galbraith removed from post

Vermonter Peter Galbraith is being recalled from his diplomatic post in Kabul after a disagreement over how to address disputed election results in that country. Galbraith served as second-in-command of the United Nations mission in Afghanistan.

Aftermath of Afghan elections

Diplomat Peter Galbraith joins us to discuss the accusations of fraud in Afghanistan’s elections. The Vermonter serves as a deputy chief for the united Nations in Kabul. Also, an examination of politics and budgets numbers in the layoff of state workers that is set to begin. And trip into farm fields with the Vermont FoodBank’s gleaning program.