Morning Newscast: February 17, 2008

Wind energy advocates want the Douglas Administration to lift its wind ban on large scale wind projects on state land; energy consultant tells lawmakers that Vermont has electricity choices other than the Vermont Yankee power plant; more…

Morning Newscast: May 22, 2008

Here are the top stories at 7:30 a.m.: Paving projects and repairs to highway bridges lead the list of work to be funded by an additional $10 million in state transportation spending;  Vermont utilities rely on Hydro Quebec and Vermont Yankee for two-thirds of their power. But contracts for that electricity begin to expire in four years. Energy experts say replacing those contracts will force the state to consider some big changes in its mix of power supplies…

Council asks: Why roads, not rail?

The state will borrow an additional $10 million for transportation projects as part of an economic stimulus package. But members of a state advisory council were dismayed to learn this week that none of that money will go to improve the rail network in Vermont.

Critics accuse Douglas of double standard on energy projects

When Vermont Yankee’s license expires, the company won’t have enough money in a special fund to dismantle the plant. But the state has required wind energy companies to pay up front the full cost of decommissioning their projects. Wind advocates are saying there’s a double standard here.