10 Years Later, How We’ve Changed

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The tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks is being marked and reflected on in many different ways. On Friday, Vermont Edition asks you to reflect on how you’ve changed, and what’s different 10 years later. We talk with Don Goodrich of Bennington about how a play called "Riders to the Sea" is helping him remember his son Peter Goodrich, who was killed on 9/11. We also talk with Middle East political science expert Gregory Gause of UVM about how people’s perceptions and understanding of the Middle East have changed in 10 years.


Also in the program, we conclude our series of reports on 9/11 with a look at how transportation security has responded to terrorist threats. VPR’s Samantha Fields reports on changes in the last 10 years at the Burlington International Airport.


And we listen to sound from VPR’s news archive of Vermonters reacting to the events of the second week of September, 2001.

Listen to a reading of the play "Riders To The Sea" online

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