Aftermath of Afghan elections

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Afghanistan held its presidential elections a month ago, but accusations of fraud continue to mar the results. Vermonter Peter Galbraith has a unique vantage point on the situation in Afghanistan: he serves as the US envoy to the United Nations mission there. Galbraith recently left Kabul in a disagreement over how the international community should rectify the election outcome. Amid meetings at the UN in New York this week, Galbraith joins us to discuss Afghan politics and the role of the international community in creating stability there. Listen

Also in the program, layoffs are beginning for state workers after negotiations to cut personnel costs failed between the Douglas administration and the state employees union. VPR’s John Dillon explains the politics of the impasse, and looks at how New Hampshire overcame a similar budget hurdle. Listen

And VPR’s Susan Keese heads into farm fields in Rupert with volunteers from the Vermont FoodBank’s gleaning program. They explain their effort to gather unharvested food and distribute it to people in need. Listen

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