An Interview With Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott

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The Lieutenant Governor has
three official duties: acting as Governor when the Governor is out of state;
presiding over the Senate; and casting a tie-breaking vote. Almost three months
after being sworn in, Phil Scott now has experience with the first two. We talk
to Lieutenant Governor Scott about settling into his new role, and his goals
and priorities for this session. We hear about his statewide jobs tour, for
which he’s been working a day at a variety of Vermont businesses, including checking lift tickets at Stowe.
And we ask him about his views on the health care bill and his focus on buying


Also on the program, Valley
News political editor John Gregg gives us an update on how the legislative
session is unfolding in New Hampshire. The house has been particularly active this session, voting on a lot
of issues including a constitutional amendment that would change the way the
state funds schools.


And we open up our mailbag
and read from your letters.


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