‘Authentic Patriotism’

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"Patriotism" is a word that’s become fraught with politics. But writer Stephen Kiernan says it’s time to strip away the right wing/left wing arguments and look at what patriotism really means: service to the country. Keirnan’s new book, Authentic Patriotism: Restoring America’s Founding Ideals Through Selfless Action tells the stories of people who’ve devoted themselves to a cause, and made a difference to their communities. We talk about the lessons in these stories of service, and why Kiernan believes that Americans shouldn’t wait for government or business to solve problems.Listen

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Also in the program, for nearly a century families have been coming to Ohana Camp on Lake Fairlee to stay in rustic cabins, ramble over the trails and cool off in the water. But this week is the first time the camp has set aside time exclusively for the families of Vermont National Guard soldiers serving in Afghanistan. VPR’s Steve Zind paid a visit. Listen

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