Buffalo Soldiers

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In July of 1909, the tenth cavalry, a regiment made up of
750 African American men, known as "Buffalo Soldiers," arrived at Fort Ethan
Allen in Colchester. 
This week descendants and scholars have gathered for a centennial
celebration of the Buffalo Soldiers who served in Vermont.  And, we’re joined by some of them as we delve
into the history of the regiment, with a look at who these men were, what they
did, and how they changed the demographics of Vermont. 
We talk with David Work, a Texas A&M history
professor who’s written about Buffalo Soldiers. And we also hear from two
descendants:  Reg Wells, whose
grandfather, Silas Johnson, served in the regiment, and Bee McCollum, whose
grandfather, Willis Hatcher, also served. Listen

Also, we catch up on the week’s news with VPR’s Ross Sneyd.  And, we check our mailbag, and read some of
your comments. Listen

Photo:  Sgt. Silas Johnson, photo courtesy of UVM Buffalo Soldiers website


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