Consequences Of The Under-Age Drinking Party

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It’s graduation season and we’ve already heard about a parent in Elmore hosting a party for 150 high school students. Putting on a party of this sort is called Social Hosting. The law is clear that this is an illegal activity and liability can be severe if anyone is injured or dies as a result of one of these parties. But some parents argue that it’s safer than having kids driving from one graduation party to the next.

Bennington County State’s Attorney Erica Marthage and Annie Ramniceanu of Spectrum Youth & Family Services look at the prevalence of drinking parties held by parents for their children and the liabilities that a parent or minor can face. University of the South President John McCardell discusses why it might be time to lower the drinking age.

And, researcher Michael Nerney talks about the science and development of teenagers’ brains as they reach adulthood.


Plus, as this month’s installment in Vermont Edition’s series "Visiting Artists," Jane Lindholm visits Dummerston’s Dan Snow, a stoneworker who creates fire pits, arch bridges, staircases, stone walls and fantastical sculptures.You can view a photo gallery of Snow’s work below.


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