Eye on the Sky Winter Call-in

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We heard the dangerously cold weather forecast before we felt the
temperatures drop, but we’re all in a deep-freeze now. Thursday, the Eye
on the Sky Guys will the scrape the ice and snow off of the science
behind these frigid temperatures, and take your questions on all types
of winter weather – from severe weather, to avalanche conditions to how
this winter fits in with historic weather patterns.(Listen)

Also in the program, organist David Naiweem from the University of
Vermont explains the unique qualities of the Klop 4-stop pipe organ.
Naiweem recently performed live on VPR Classical with Walter Parker – we
listen back to part of the performance. (Listen)

Click here to see a photo gallery and YouTube video of David playing in VPR’s performance studio.


Many listeners wrote in with questions that we didn’t have time to share on the air.  We’ll post the questions with answers from the Eye on the Sky Guys as soon as we can!

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