For Farmers’ Markets, Growth Not Without Growing Pains

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Vermont was one of the first states to embrace farmers’ markets
decades ago, but in the last 10 years alone, the number of farmers’ markets in
the state has more than doubled. And as many markets and towns are finding, rapid
expansion can bring growing pains, in areas ranging from space and location, to
making EBT/Debit services available, to determining the right number and mix of

talk to Erin Buckwalter, the marketing and food access coordinator for NOFA
Vermont, Abbey Willard, the local foods administrator at the Agency of
Agriculture, Bill Clark, president of the Vermont Farmers’ Market in Rutland,
and Mari Steinbach, Parks and Recreation director for the city of Burlington,
about how farmers’ markets – and communities – are adapting to all kinds of new
challenges and opportunities.

on the program, we get an update on how bees are faring this winter from Chaz
Mraz, president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association and owner of Champlain
Valley Apiaries in Middlebury.


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