How safe is your credit information?

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You know to never tell anyone your pin number, you only log
onto safe and secure websites, and you keep your debit card close at hand.  But is that enough?  Earlier this summer we heard news about the largest
reported data breach in the country, with more than 130 million credit and
debit card numbers taken.  We talk with
security expert and chair of the Norwich
University computing program, Peter
Stephenson, to learn how and why credit security breaches keep happening, and what you can do to keep your information safe. Listen

Also, we talk with Valley News reporter John Gregg about a
petition drive that’s causing a stir in Claremont,
NH. The Claremont Citizens for Lower Taxes group seeks to cap the municipal
budget for the city, only allowing increases to reflect inflation. Listen

And, VPR’s Robert Resnik remembers French-Canadian musician Willie Beaudoin. Listen

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