Juvenile Justice

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Vermont has
the lowest incarceration rate for juveniles in the nation.  Instead of locking kids up, the state focuses
on rehabilitating them in the community.  We look into how the state arrived at this unique system, and explore
how it works. 

We also take a tour of the state’s only locked facility for juveniles, Woodside Juvenile Rehab Center in Colchester.  Our guests include Steve
Dale, the Commissioner of the Department for Children and Families, and Stacy
Jolles, the state’s director of Juvenile Justice. Listen

Also, a new CD compilation celebrates 400 years of music in
our region. Thrufters &
is a collaboration between Big Heavy World’s Vermont Music
Library, The Vermont Folklife Center, and the Vermont Historical Society.  All week long, we explore some of the selections
with Andy Kolovos of the Vermont Folklife
Center, who worked as a researcher
on the project.  We begin with a look at
the tradition of folk ballads. Listen



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