New Census Data Shows Population Shifts Within Vermont

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Newly released data from the
2010 census reveals a pattern of movement within Vermont.  The top four
population centers in the state are now all clustered around Burlington, while other cities, like Rutland and St.
Albans have lost population.
We talk to Chip Sawyer, the manager of the Vermont State Data Center at the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont, and Vince Bolduc, a professor of sociology at St. Michael’s College,
about how demographics are shifting all around the state, and what these shifts
mean for state and town services, and our local community cultures.


Also on the program, we talk
to Governor Peter Shumlin, who has just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. for the annual winter meeting of the National
Governors Association. During the trip, President Obama expressed support for a bill that would allow states to design and get approval for their own health care plans starting in 2014, three years earlier than expected. We discuss the potential implications of that change on Shumlin’s plans for health care reform in Vermont, and look at some of the other issues the governors focused on in DC. 


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