Protecting Vermont’s Wetlands

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As many as a third of Vermont’s wetlands are currently unmapped and unprotected. But that may be about to change. A bill just passed by the Vermont House would significantly increase the number of these important water recharge areas under the state’s protection. Our guests include Kim Greenwood, a scientist with the Vermont Natural Resources Council, Melanie Kehne of the Vermont Natural Resources Board, and Bob Hill of the Vermont Association of Realtors. They’ll talk about the impact new wetlands legislation would have on landowners and developers and about why wetlands are so important.

Also on the program, following a recent talk with a representative from AARP about health care reform, we hear from James Haslam of the Vermont Workers Center about its "Health Care is a Human Right" Campaign.

And we’ll visit the Swanton Elementary School where Vermont songwriter Pete Sutherland is teaching students about the folk ballad tradition and helping them compose a ballad of their own.



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