Redrawing Vermont’s Political Map

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Every 10 years, when new
census data comes out, Vermont
has to reassess the boundaries of its legislative districts, and reapportion
house and senate seats to ensure equal representation. That process is going on
now. We talk to two members of the Legislative Apportionment Board, which gets
a first crack at coming up with a redistricting proposal, about the different
approaches board members have been debating. Tom Little is the board’s chair,
and Steve Hingtgen is one of its members. Right now, the board is split over a
proposal that would significantly alter the current makeup of the house by
redrawing Vermont’s political map into 150 single member districts –
rather than the current mix of one and two member districts.  

Also on the
program, the New Hampshire Legislature is set to vote this week on the state’s $10.2
billion budget, and among the groups concerned about what that budget entails
are hospitals. Valley News
political editor John Gregg, takes us through the Granite State’s proposed two-year budget.

And we open up our mailbag and read from your letters.

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