Retailers Split On Internet Sales Tax

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Walk into a Vermont store to buy books or electronics and you’ll pay a 6 percent sales tax on the purchase. But buy those same purchases online from companies like Amazon, and you avoid the tax. That’s a situation some lawmakers say is unfair to Vermont retailers, and they want to create an Internet sales tax in the state. Friday on Vermont Edition, we hear the pros and cons of a bill that applies the state’s sales tax on all purchases made from Vermont, including online. Our guests include Tasha Wallis of the Vermont Retail Association, who says this is an issue of tax fairness for the business community; and Marc Sherman, owner of Outdoor Gear Exchange, who says the tax would have serious negative consequences for Vermont companies that rely online sales.

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Also in the program, Senator Bernie Sanders talks with VPR’s Bob Kinzel about his stance on military operations in Libya, and the relicensing and safety of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

And we listen back to some of the voices in this week’s news.

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