Things That Go Bump: Ghost Hunters Tell All

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Strange sounds in the attic, objects moving without
explanation or the appearance of eerie apparitions can cause the imagination
to believe our surroundings might be haunted. But what do you do when these
things occur repeatedly and can’t be explained away easily? Who are you going
to call? Short of dialing up the crew from "Ghost Busters," there are a number
of ghost hunting groups in Vermont
who will investigate what you’ve experienced.

Marie Fitzgerald of Vermont Ghost Hunters and Jeff Stewart
of Paranormal Investigators of New England reveal the methods they use to prove
or disprove the presence of a ghost and discuss what they’ve found in Vermont

Also on the program, Burlington
businessman Jack McMullen lays out his platform in his campaign as the
Republican candidate for Attorney General. McMullen, who has run for U.S.
Senate in the past, will face the winner of the Democratic primary between
incumbent Bill Sorrell and Chittenden
County State’s
Attorney T.J. Donovan.

And, as part of our continuing Summer School series, we learn
the how-tos and what-fors of pickling.

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