Vital Signs: The Moment Of Truth For Single Payer

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Vital Signs: Vermont Charts A New Course For Health Care

Legislation backed by the
governor and Democratic leaders puts Vermont on track to an eventual single payer health care
system.  Other states have tried
incremental changes to the way care is delivered and paid for, but none has
attempted what is being tried in Vermont.

The stakes are high, and many questions have been raised about how such a system would be
funded and whether it would be sustainable. The system would also need to
contain soaring health care costs, which is a problem no state has successfully

We talk with Republican state senator Randy Brock and Democratic representative Mark Larson, Chairman of the House Healthcare Committee.

And VPR’s Nina Keck looks at
the Veterans Administration system, which provides pointers about improved
efficiency, team-oriented care, and how the public health care system can save

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