Writer and humorist Tom Bodett

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Each week the panelists on NPR’s "Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me" entertain a national audience with jokes and quips about the news. Monday on Vermont Edition our guest is Tom Bodett, a Vermont writer and humorist and a regular on "Wait, Wait." We’ll talk about what makes the news funny, Bodett’s several books of essays and stories, and a special Vermont project that he’ll be hosting this summer, "The Queen City Radio Hour." (Listen)


State budget, special session

VPR’s statehouse reporter Bob Kinzel previews the Legislature’s special session on Tuesday. The governor is likely to veto the state budget for the first time in history, setting up a an effort among lawmakers to override the governor for the second time this session. (Listen)

Historical Vermont songs

A history of community singing in Vermont would include many songs that were written and sung to commemorate important events, like the Civil War, or to celebrate iconic places like Lake Champlain. This summer, singer and researcher Linda Radtke is teaming up with the Vermont Humanities Council to perform some of these historic Vermont songs. She shares the project and a few tunes with us. (Listen)

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