Kreis: Corporate Personhood

Many Vermonters have jumped on board the bandwagon recently for amending the U.S. Constitution to prohibit corporations from being treated as persons under the law. But commentator and Vermont Law School professor Don Kreis thinks the movement might be missing the point.

Kreis: Bennington’s CAPA

When commentator Donald Kreis first heard of something called the "Center for the Advancement of Public Action" at Bennington College, and its 20 million dollar pricetag, he rolled his eyes. But he headed for Bennington anyway to investigate.

Kreis: Quarrelling With Quechee

Recently, commentator and Vermont Law School professor Donald Kreis has been spending some time staring at wind turbines. And all that staring, whether hypnotic or not, has gotten him thinking about the law that applies to building those turbines.

Kreis: Cooperative Economy

Commentator Don Kreis is a law professor by day, but in his spare time he’s a grocery magnate – or to be more precise – he serves on the board of his local food co-op. And in that capacity, he’s celebrating an important anniversary