Blinkhorn: Remembering Koop

The death in Hanover last week of Everett Koop reminded Tom Blinkhorn of a series of interviews he had with the late Surgeon General of the United States, one of the nation’s leading pediatric surgeons.

Blinkhorn: Health Care Innovation

As 2013 confronts the nation with a fresh set of challenges in implementing the Affordable Health Care Act, an innovative pioneer program at Dartmouth college designed to help meet those challenges has caught Tom Blinkhorn’s attention.

Blinkhorn: Bretton Woods Story

The recent discovery in Washington DC of a rare transcript of the 1944 conference at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at which the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created, got Tom Blinkhorn thinking about the back story of that meeting and its global importance.

Blinkhorn: Audubon In New England

Recently, John James Aubudon’s rare masterpiece, "Birds of America," sold for more than $11 million dollars, setting a record for printed books at auction. This  inspired Commentator Tom Blinkhorn to look into Audubon’s New England connections.