April 11, 2003 – News at a glance

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O’Brien film trilogy
Vermont filmmaker John O’Brien’s new movie, Nosey Parker is the last in a trilogy of films set in O’Brien’s home town of Tunbridge. Like his two previous films, Vermont is For Lovers and Man With a Plan, O’Brien sets out to capture a disappearing breed of Vermonter. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Farm emergency assistance
Governor Jim Douglas urged the Legislature on Thursday to quickly pass an emergency financial assistance package for dairy farmers. The administration is concerned that hundreds of farmers could be forced out of business by the end of the year if they don’t receive some assistance in the near future. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Permit review and appeals
A House bill attempts to streamline permit review and consolidates appeals to an expanded Environmental Court. On Thursday, lawmakers defeated an amendment that would have established a three-member appeals board to handle environmental cases. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Finance agency bill
The Vermont Senate has given its approval to legislation that sponsors hope will help create thousands of new well-paying jobs across the state. (VPR)

Washington sheriff fraud charges
Washington County Sheriff Donald Edson is facing criminal fraud charges. Edson pleaded innocent today after he was arraigned in Vermont District Court in Barre. (AP)

Vermont reservists deploy
A company of U.S. Army reservists from Rutland is deploying overseas Friday. The 85 members of C Company of the Army 368th Engineering Battalion are leaving by plane from Fort Drum, New York. Their destination is being kept confidential. (AP)

Dairy compact revival
New York Senator Charles Schumer is calling for a new, enlarged Northeast Dairy compact price-support system to help milk farmers struggling with low prices. Schumer, a Democrat, envisions a new compact stretching from New England down to Virginia. (AP)

Childhood immunization rates
The state of Vermont is being recognized for having one of the highest rates of childhood immunization in the country. Eighty-one percent of Vermont two-year-olds have been vaccinated for nine different diseases. The state was recognized by the Centers for Disease Control. (AP)

Smallpox vaccination
The Vermont Health Department is resuming its smallpox vaccination program. Fifteen workers from Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington were vaccinated Thursday. The program was put on hold after three people who had been vaccinated in other parts of the country died of heart attacks. (AP)

Dean campaign
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is picking up more support for his Democratic presidential campaign. Hawaii Congressman Neil Abercrombie has endorsed Dean’s campaign. Earlier this week Dean was endorsed by California Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. (AP)

Smoking cessation insurance program
Quitting smoking could get cheaper in Vermont. The state Department of Health says more than 100,000 Vermonters are now eligible for steeply discounted nicotine-replacement products. Nicotine-replacement products can be more expensive than smoking. (AP)

UVM police appeal
A University of Vermont police officer who was fired last year is now appealing to get his job back. Officer Matthew Sheehan says he was following his training when he handcuffed a student at gunpoint. Now he’s taking his case to the state Labor Relations Board. (AP)

Salmon stock
The state and federal wildlife services are looking for volunteers to help stock landlocked Atlantic salmon in the Lamoille and Winooski River watersheds. The inch-long salmon fry will be stocked into shallow areas where they will spend two to three years before migrating to Lake Champlain. (AP)

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