April 7, 2003 – News at a glance

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Travel arrangements changed
Vermonters are taking their time to make summer travel plans, and, in some cases changing their plans as a result of the war in Iraq. (VPR)

Sale tax proposals
The House Ways and Means Committee is taking a serious look at a plan to impose the state sales tax on all Internet purchases as part of a compromise Act 60 bill. Backers say the proposal could raise as much as $70 million a year, but they acknowledge there are some problems with this approach. (VPR)

War claims lives of two Vermonters
The war in Iraq has claimed the lives of two Vermonters. Erik Halvorsen of Bennington and Mark Evnin of South Burlington are the first Vermonters to die in the war in Iraq. (VPR)

Legislative news
The Vermont Senate last week backed away from rules that would have required the sale of electric vehicles in the state. This week, the Senate will take up two high profile issues: investment in the Vermont Economic Development Authority and reform of the state’s regulatory permit system. The Vermont House, meanwhile, faces bills that include the annual transportation budget, permit reform and education funding reform. The House will also consider repealing a rule this week that encourages municipal sewer projects to serve designated growth centers. (AP)

Funerals for servicemen
Funeral plans are incomplete for the two Vermonters who have died in the war in Iraq. Dorothy Halvorsen, the mother of Army helicopter pilot Erik Halvorsen, says her son will be buried in his hometown of Bennington. Mark Evnin will be buried in Burlington. (AP)

Winooski bicycle bridge
Plans to build a bicycle bridge across the mouth of the Winooski River to connect Burlington and Colchester are moving forward. The future of the bridge that would connect bicycle paths in the two communities has been in doubt since the cost more than doubled. (AP)

Bolton Resort
The new owner of the Bolton Valley ski resort has big plans for next season. Bob Fries stepped in at the end of last year and bought the financially troubled resort. But Fries says they’re selling season passes for next year already. (AP)

Winooski school budget
The Winooski City Council and the school board are hoping to work together to come up with budget proposals that will be approved by voters. Voters rejected the proposed city and school budgets last month. The next vote is scheduled for May 20. (AP)

Springfield recreation center
Plans for a new recreation center in Springfield are getting mixed reviews. The Southern Vermont Recreation Center Foundation took the plans on the road over the weekend. The proposal was on display at the River Valley Home, Health and Recreation Show for review and comment. (AP)

FAHC layoffs
Fletcher Allen Health Care workers could be facing the possibility of layoffs. Interim Chief Executive Officer Edwin Colodny says the state’s largest hospital had a rough first quarter and the second quarter also fell short financially. (AP)

Moose on roadways
Vermont wildlife officials are warning that one of the state’s moose seasons is about to begin. This isn’t the one for hunters. It’s the one where moose begin their annual spring search for food, bringing them into closer contact with humans. Late April and May are when the most collisions happen between moose and cars. (AP)

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