Barnet hit by strong storm

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(Host) Strong thunderstorms brought down trees and power lines in Caledonia County on Tuesday.

VPR commentator Jay Craven saw some of the wind damage. He said the storm swept through around midday and caused extensive damage near the Karme Choling Buddhist retreat in Barnet.

(Craven) “As I passed the site on my way down to Norwich, I saw trees – just a swath of trees snapped in half, downed, rescue vehicles still in place, electrical power vehicles trying to repair power lines.”

(Host) Eric Evenson of the Weather Service’s Burlington office says about a dozen people suffered minor injuries at the Buddhist retreat when they were hit by flying debris. Evenson says there is a report the high winds moved a sheriff’s cruiser 40 feet.

The Weather Service had issued a severe thunderstorm warning minutes before the storm touched down.

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