Bernie Sanders joins congressional delegation to China

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders has left Washington to be part of a ten-day Congressional trip to China. Sanders says he wanted to be part of the delegation because he’s very concerned about this country’s growing trade deficit with China.

That trade deficit is estimated at about $100 billion a year. Sanders says he wants to speak with U.S. business leaders in China about it.

(Sanders) “If you visit any store you want in Vermont or throughout this country, what you find is more and more of the products that we purchase are made in China. And what that translates into is the loss of millions of decent paying jobs in the United States. So that is the primary issue that I want to focus on to see how we can get large corporations to reinvest in the state of Vermont – in the United States of America – and not running to China or Mexico in search of cheap labor.”

(Host) Sanders says he also hopes to meet with human rights activists in China, if the meetings can be arranged without endangering the lives of the activists.

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