Brattleboro businesses plan peace strike

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(Host) A number of Brattleboro area businesses plan to take part in a daily protest called a ‘peace strike’ in the event of a war with Iraq. Under the plan, businesses would stop for fifteen minutes each day to speak out against the war. The strike will take place if the United States goes to war without the support of the international community.

Dan DeWalt of South Newfane is one of the organizers. DeWalt says about 20 businesses and over 200 people have pledged to take part in the action each day at one o’clock:

(Dewalt) “So everyone that’s signed onto this pledge is not going to be handing over money or taking money during that period of time. If you are at home and you’re a writer, you’re not going be calling your publisher between 1:00 and 1:15, you’re going to be calling your Congressman. Obviously, we’re not going to have the ‘police’ checking on what everybody is doing, but everyone has made a pledge that they are not going to be engaged in their business as usual during that period.”

(Host) Alison McCrae runs Verde, a downtown Brattleboro housewares store. McCrae says her business will take part in the peace strike:

(McCrae) “I’m running a business and I don’t have time to go down to Washington to march and protest in that way. I felt like my everyday life here in town is where I can put out how I feel about what’s going on.”

(Host) Dan DeWalt says a few businesses have rejected his idea. He says similar efforts are being organized in two New Hampshire communities.

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