Canadian authorities arrest more than 40 across border from Derby

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(Host) Canadian authorities have arrested more than 40 people, most of them from Columbia.

The arrests took place over the past week in Stanstead, just across the border from Derby, Vermont.

Canadian authorities say four people have been charged with entering Canada illegally. And two of them face additional charges of helping others illegally enter the country.

The Canada Border Services Agency says most of the people who were arrested are being handled through the "immigration and refugee act.”

The agency says it can’t release details. But a spokeswoman says the law allows refugees to seek asylum in Canada.

The Toronto Globe and Mail says the majority of them are asking to stay in Canada as refugees.

Authorities say all of the people were Hispanic, but they were from a variety of countries. The Globe and Mail says some were from Columbia and others from Venezuela. At least one was a US resident.


AP Photo/Jim Cole


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