Chinese theater troupe cancels Flynn performance

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(Host) The Peking Opera company has cancelled its North American tour, which would have included a day of performances at the Flynn Theater in Burlington. The theater says a U.S. consulate in China denied visas to the performers, even though the visas were pre-approved by the immigration service. Arnie Malina books performances for the Flynn:

(Malina) “This was a troupe that has been to the United States many times, but the process of getting visas has become so complicated and so bureaucratized and is taking so much longer than it used to take.”

(Host) Malina says securing visas has been more difficult since September 11, causing some artists to cancel U.S. tours. Despite the uncertainties, Malina says the theater will continue to book foreign artists:

(Malina) “Presenting international work is so vital to what we do, that we will continue to work the process and bring in companies in music, theater and dance.”

(Host) Instead of the Peking Opera, the New York-based Li Xiao Dan opera company will perform at the Flynn Theater on April 15.

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