Congressional delegation promotes affordable housing

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(Host) All three members of Vermont’s congressional delegation are promoting affordable housing.

Congressman Peter Welch says he’s supporting four initiatives on the issue that are working their way through Congress.

But he’s focused on one in particular that he’s co-sponsoring. It would create a National Affordable Housing Trust Fund based on a similar effort in Vermont.

(Welch) "The trust fund model that we have here in Vermont, there’s an interest nationally in following it, because it’s the partnership between the government and the private sector and our local housing communities that has been so successful."

(Host) Welch highlighted the trust fund plan at a news conference in St. Albans at the Willard Mill.

That’s a new, 27-unit redevelopment project in the center of the city that he says will provide much needed housing.

(Welch) "There’s a real interest here in getting housing close to the downtown. This is in the heart of downtown. It’s going to be good for seniors and also it’s going to provide housing that may be available to some folks who are getting new jobs at the local manufacturing plant."

(Host) Back in Washington, the Senate approved a housing initiative co-sponsored by Senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy.

It would prevent the Department of Housing and Urban Development from withholding bonuses to public housing agencies that are performing well.

The senators’ amendment would provide $181,000 to housing agencies in Barre, Burlington, Brattleboro, Rutland, Springfield, Winooski.

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