Dairy Farmers of Vermont hopes to negotiate milk prices

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(Host) Dairy Farmers of Vermont officially goes into business Tuesday as an advocacy group for getting higher milk prices for their members. The organization includes about a quarter of the state’s dairy farms, and they produce about a third of the state’s milk.

Maureen Lehoullier of Irasburg and her husband Paul are founding members of Dairy Farmers of Vermont:

(Lehouillier) “And we want to collective bargain with the cooperatives to have them answer important questions that we all have – not just farmers but consumers. And also try to get a better price for our milk – a stable, steady, better price for our milk, not this up and down, or just down, which it has been for almost two years now.”

(Host) The group is asking the state’s three biggest dairy cooperatives to negotiate higher prices. But the largest co-op in New England won’t participate. Agri-Mark says the Dairy Farmers of Vermont are trying to do exactly what co-ops do. Agri-Mark says it won’t agree to negotiations.

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