Dartmouth’s President Interviews For Top Job At World Bank

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(Host) Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim was interviewed by directors of the World Bank this week.  Kim is President Obama’s nominee to be the next head of the global financial organization.  Kim heads now to Russia and Peru as he continues meeting with financial chiefs around the world to buoy support for his candidacy.

Tom Blinkhorn lives in Hanover and was a manager at the World Bank, where he worked for 30 years.  He says Kim would be a good choice for President.

(Blinkhorn) "I think that Jim Kim is very qualified. He worked in the health field in Haiti, Central America.  He started Partners for Health.  In addition, he worked at the World health Organization.  So he brings to the table a variety of skills that address the problems that the World Bank is mandated to deal with, which is poverty. And the problems of health are major obstacles to growth in developing countries."

(Host) The World Bank presidency has always been held by an American.  Kim would continue that tradition but, Blinkhorn sees him as a transitional choice for the Bank.

(Blinkhorn) "The fact that he has developing experience.  He’s the first non-white Presidential candidate.  He has a background in South Korea.  This suggests to me that the next time around, the candidacy will be based on merit, not on tradition.  And I hope that’s the way it will go in the future.  But right now I think that Jim Kim is entirely qualified to take the job."

(Host) The World Bank is expected to announce its President among the three contenders by next week’s annual meetings in Washington with the International Monetary Fund.

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