Dean campaign prepares for official announcement Monday

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(Host) Former Governor Howard Dean is returning to Vermont next week to formally announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination and to outline his vision for the future of the country.

Dean’s campaign manager Joe Trippi says the speech is an opportunity for Dean to define his candidacy to Vermonters and to all Americans:

(Trippi) “And to make clear the broad vision and message of the campaign in a way that reaches beyond what many have been trying to do: paint us in one corner as either just an antiwar candidate or – you name the flavor that they try to paint us within a given week. This candidacy is much broader than that and the governor will be outlining it on the 23.”

(Host) Trippi says the theme of the speech will be Dean’s belief that there is a need to restore basic core values to the country’s political system:

(Trippi) “And to that end, the speech will be thematic and will be along the same lines as the Great American Restoration – restoring America’s values, principles, sense of community and above all, restoring the participation of the people in the election process and their self government. And that is why what’s happening on the 23 is important.”

(Host) Trippi says Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream will be renaming one of its flavors in honor of Dean next Monday. The “Maple Powered Howard” sundae will feature vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, maple whipped cream and walnuts.

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