Dean fundraises at rapid pace as reporting quarter ends

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(Host) The presidential campaign of former Governor Howard Dean passed a key milestone on Monday with the close of fundraising for the second quarter of the year. Dean hopes to raise about $7 million for the first six months of the year. Almost $3 million came in the last eight days.

Much of that money was raised over the Internet. And at Dean headquarters in South Burlington on Monday, webmaster Nicco Mele was sending out a last minute e-mail appeal to about 140,000 Dean supporters.

(Mele) “I’m hoping we’ll have in excess of a $500,000 day. Friday was a $500,000 day, plus in change. And I’m hoping this particular e-mail will just surge the whole thing and we could just make $750,000 today, which would be pretty cool.”

(Host) Campaign officials were delighted with the fundraising success. Deputy Campaign Manager Bob Rogan says the campaign has made history with its online strategy.

(Rogan) “This is the largest amount of money raised on the Internet in the shortest period of time and it’s never been done by any presidential campaign in history. So we are truly laying out a road map for future presidential campaigns, and it’s all happening right here today, and everybody is thrilled about it.”

(Host) Dean’s fundraising has put him in the top tier of Democratic presidential candidates. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry raised $7 million by the end of March. His campaign predicts he won’t match that in this reporting period.

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