Dean to make formal campaign announcement in Burlington

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean will formally announce his presidential candidacy in Burlington later this month. Deputy Campaign Manager Bob Rogan says even though Dean has been actively seeking the Democratic nomination for a number of months, the governor felt it was important to present Vermonters with a clear vision of his candidacy:

(Rogan) “It’s important for the governor to come back home and tell Vermont and the nation formally that he is a candidate for president of the United States. And he’s going to use that formal announcement to sketch out why he believes he should be president of the United States, and what a Dean presidency would look like and how it would bring change to America.”

(Host) Dean is considered to be in the first tier of the nine Democratic presidential hopefuls. Rogan thinks Dean’s appeal is much broader than just being the leading anti-war candidate:

(Rogan) “It’s no one issue that has gotten him to that point. It’s the fact that he is a very direct person. He’s not like most other politicians. We in Vermont are familiar with that but as people meet him around the country their breath is really taken away by his directness, his honesty his willingness to call it like it is and I think that’s really the currency of his candidacy.”

(Host) Dean will deliver his address on the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington on June 23.

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