Dean’s Internet campaign attracts thousands

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(Host) Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign says 30,000 people will take part in this week’s Meet Up event in support of Dean. The Internet web site, is used as a vehicle to arrange meetings by a variety of groups with common interests – from crocheters to Elvis Presley fans.

Dean has been using the site to organize gatherings at restaurants and other venues nationwide to build grassroots support for his candidacy. Courtney O’Donnell is with the Dean campaign:

(O’Donnell) “Oftentimes they can be like a mini rally in which people will watch a video of Governor Dean’s recent appearances. Often people generate ideas for fundraising tactics, plan local events to spread Governor Dean’s message.”

(Host) O’Donnell says representatives of the Dean campaign attend some of the meet ups but most are run by local volunteers. O’Donnell says there will be Dean meet ups in 400 cities nationwide Wednesday night.

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