Democrats Say Ads Violate Campaign Finance Laws

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(Host) The Vermont Democratic Party says a group that has gone after Governor Peter Shumlin in radio ads has violated state campaign finance laws.

State Democratic chairman Jake Perkinson says the group Campaign for Vermont wants to defeat Shumlin in the fall election.

Perkinson says the group has spent more than $500 in radio ads that criticize Shumlin, and therefore has crossed the threshold that requires it to register as a political committee.

(Perkinson) "The campaign for Vermont has failed to register and as a consequence they are in violation in our belief of the Vermont campaign finance laws."

(Host) Bruce Lisman is a retired Wall Street executive who founded the organization. He says the group advocates on issues such as property taxes, but is not involved in political campaigns.

(Lisman)  "I’d like to tell you that I’m not in the business of politics. We’re an advocacy group. If there was something we did that was incorrect, we will correct it."

(Host) Attorney General Bill Sorrell says his office will ask Campaign for Vermont for its response to the Democrats allegations.

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