Douglas asks for 2% increase in university budgets

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas told a group of educators on Wednesday that it’s critical for the Legislature to support his plan to increase state funding for higher education. Douglas is proposing a 2% increase for the University of Vermont and the Vermont State College system.

Higher education is one of the very few programs where Douglas is recommending an increase in next year’s budget. Many departments of state government have been asked to cut their spending by between 5-10%.

Under the governor’s proposal, UVM would receive almost $37 million in state funds next year and the state college system would get just under $22 million:

(Douglas) “I want to invest in Vermonters, in their education and their training, to give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. There’s tremendous evidence that someone who has a college degree will have greater earning power throughout the course of his or her lifetime, so it’s a good investment for the state. Vermont has a very high tuition at our state university compared to other states, and we have relatively low income. So it’s particularly challenging for families to be able to afford it.”

(Host) The governor’s proposal is being reviewed by the House and Senate Appropriations committees.

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