Douglas supports Bush Iraq policy

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas says President Bush has made a compelling case for the United States to take military action against Iraq.

Critics of the president’s policies argue that Bush has not presented the American people with clear evidence that Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction. Douglas says the president outlined a persuasive case in his State of the Union address earlier this week:

(Douglas) “I think he outlined the reasons why Saddam ought not to be allowed to continue to amass these weapons. I think I know what the president’s thinking. He’s concerned that at some point in the future if we fail to act and our nation is attacked again the way it was a year ago September, the American people will ask why didn’t he take steps to prevent it and I believe that he will take steps to prevent it if he believes that’s necessary.”

(Host) Douglas says he continues to hope that a diplomatic solution can be found to this issue and that military action will not be necessary.

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