Drivers register cars online

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(Host) Vermonters can now renew a car or truck registration using the Internet. At the Department of Motor Vehicles, Commissioner Bonnie Rutledge says 2,000 people used the online registration process last month and it will now be available for all new registration renewals.

(Rutledge) “It is a real service to the customers and from the response that we’ve had so far they seem to like it. I assume it will get bigger. Yes, most states that have done this have seen quite an increase, up to 10% in the larger states, where they are millions and millions of transactions. That’s a large percentage of the work.”

(Host) Rutledge says consumers who want to access the Internet option will need to use a credit card to pay for their registration fees. If the online program is successful, Rutledge says it may be expanded to include the renewal of driver’s licenses.

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